Wanna Be Remembered (in a good way)?

Pauline Smith, Joyce Leopolus, Katherine Kaufmann, Larry and Peggy Stanley, Sugg and Kathleen Wilson, Sally Johnson, Bruce and Margot Garnett, Linda and Scott Parker, Susie and Curtis Wright, Tom Ulrich. 

These are all people who taught me Sunday school or led my youth group at Westminster Presbyterian Church all the way back to my third year of life. I didn’t have to look up their names or call my mom to ask who they were. I remember them. Only two were paid employees of the church.

None of the volunteers were Biblical scholars.  When I was eight, one of them asked all of us to name our favorite Bible character. I said mine was Esther. When my mother came to pick me up before church, the teacher took her aside and asked, “Who’s Esther?” One of my teachers was functionally illiterate, but he had us read the Bible and then made us wrestle with some really tough questions.  

What I remember most about all of those teachers was not how well they were prepared, but how much they cared. 

One of our greatest fears is that our lives won’t matter. You may not think you can have a lasting impact on someone by teaching Sunday school, but I remember the person who taught me stories and songs about the Bible 40 years ago.  What will you do tomorrow that someone will remember in 40 years? 

We launch our new Sunday School program at First Pres in January. Classes will follow worship and last a half-hour. We will have a training sesson from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 19.  Please join us (there will be childcare for the youngest kids and an activity for the older ones) to learn more about it, and then prayerfully consider becoming a memorable part of the lives of the children of First Presbyterian. 

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