Here, Hear

This morning, our intern Cameron was preaching (and did a bang-up job, I might add), Bob had the liturgy under control, Michael was playing piano and Rachel had our contemporary song covered on the guitar. All I had to do was welcome everyone and pray, so I thought the least I could do was operate the powerpoint this morning. 

When we got to the Assurance of Pardon, I cringed slightly. It led with “Here the Gospel.”  I have a bit of a pet peeve about here/hear, there/their/they’re and your/you’re being used incorrectly. I should have caught that. 

But as the service went on, and I looked out over our congregation, I began to think maybe the error in the Assurance wasn’t one of spelling, but of punctuation.  Maybe it just needed a comma: Here, the Gospel. 

Because in our tiny little congregation, I see people burned by the church who find reconciliation here. I see people struggling with health and financial issues who find comfort here. I see people who have been told that they are not okay find acceptance here.  I see people who seek to make a difference find their mission here. I see an ecclectic gathering of people in which no one age group dominates, and everyone from age 3 to 93 is represented. I see God-with-us experienced in community.

Here, the Gospel. Indeed. 

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