On Two Week Vacations

I’m in the midst of doing something I have never done before in my working life. A tw0-and-a-half week, three-Sundays- off vacation. Yes. I know. It’s a bold move.  And it’s totally awesome.

We headed up to the northeast on a Thursday for my husband’s long awaited graduation from the MIT EMBA program. (see ad for program my husband LOVES), but since a week ago Saturday, we have been in one place–a house on Cape Cod that we rented from friends. Because we are here for two weeks, there is no need for everyday to be jam packed full of activities to make sure we get everything “in.” We have plenty of time to do all the things we want to do, see all the things we want to see and (most importantly) eat all the things we want to eat. Rainy day? No biggie. Time to read, write and/or catch up on the movies of John Cusak via Netflix. No sermon prep on the horizon. I do believe it is the most leisurely vacation I’ve ever had. Certainly not one where I will need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

And unless my flock has been keeping some major disaster from me, the church is chugging along just fine in my absence. Worship is still worshipful, and I imagine the monthly potluck was plentiful.  Descisions are being made about insurance and 0ther various and sundry matters. Our most senior members are being checked on. A dog that was lost has been found and placed in a loving home.  Bible study and women’s group are continuing, people are getting ready for VBS and folks are thinking ahead to upcoming mission and outreach projects.

So this two-week vacation turns out to be a good reminder to the church and to me that First Pres Argenta does not revolve around its pastor. Okay, so getting ready to be gone for so long was a good time for me to realize that there were far too many supplies/files/equipment-type-things whose locations were known only to me. And a few too many things that only I knew how to operate. I think we’ve worked to rectify those situations.   And having a part-time summer intern has certainly helped. But as far as the ministry of the church goes, it’s pretty clear that it can continue (and even flourish) in my absence–at least for a couple of weeks.  Good to know.

It’s also good to know that as much as I am enjoying my vacation, I am very much looking forward to being back at First Presbyterian Church. Refreshed, renewed and ready to go.

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