Yet Another Reason Why Life Should Be Like a Musical

Yesterday, someone broke in to our church–twice. The first time, the perp (I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to use that word before) was spotted by one of our renters and bolted before the police arrived. After dark, said perp apparently returned and stole our office safe–which contains zero cash. The only reason we have the safe is that a member donated it. It’s sole contents were blank checks whose numbers the bank has already made note of. So if the thief actually manages to get the safe open, he will be sorely disappointed.

Now if life were like a musical, we would have caught the thief in the act, and he would turn out to be a poor non-violent soul who was just trying to feed his family, and we would offer him Christ-like forgiveness. Then everyone would sing an inspirational song about our hopes and dreams for the man’s life from this time forward now that he had experienced grace.

But life is not like a musical, and the whole thing has been a little disconcerting and disorienting. We are looking at ways to make the church more secure, but we will not cut back on the number of organizations and people who use and have access to the church.  We can’t let an idiot (aka child of God) who stole a safe with no money in it change our mission and ministry. Maybe someone could write a song about that, and we could at least pretend for awhile that life is like a musical.

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