Two-by-Four Facebook Challenge for May

Over the past few weeks, the fact that  people don’t know that churches like ours (progressive, welcoming, theologically diverse) exist has been coming up again and again and again and again. There have been no burning bushes or writings on walls or descending doves, but it has occurred to me that perhaps God is trying to tell us something.

It is really important that we let people know that churches like ours DO indeed exist.  If those who have been badly churched, hurt by the church or have their own mis-informed ideas that all churches are alike, realize that there is something different, it might be the nudge they need to engage–again or for the first time.  But we need to make more of an effort to let them know we are here. This is not about getting people to come to our church. It’s about kingdom building. Perhaps an encounter here will be the catalyst for further exploration, or perhaps this will end up being a place some  of the believers and the doubters and the doubting believers can call home.

In an effort to get the word out,  I’m inviting all of you who are Facebook users to take the Two-by Four Facebook Challenge. In each of the four full weeks of May, I challenge you to share at least two posts from our church’s FB  page on your own page. We have a lot going on in May. In addition to worship, there is a beer making workshop, a coffee roasting workshop, our final SSArK and adult study of the year  and two service opportunities at Seventh Street Elementary. You can also share quotes, prayer requests and other posts.

Sign up to take the challenge today. There are still people out there who think they have no place in the church. Let’s use every tool available to us to get the word out so that all might hear and all might know.

Yes! I accept the Two-by-Four Facebook Challenge


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