We are here

In light of the passing of Brennan Manning on Friday, and because God keeps sending reminders my way that there are people out there who still don’t know that there are churches like ours in existence, I feel compelled to put this out there.


We are here.


We are a church.


We try to be followers of Christ—grace-filled, extremely fallible followers.


We have a female pastor and don’t consider ourselves to be odd or different because of that.


We are done with the discussion about whether or not gay people are okay. They are. More than okay. If you still feel the need to have this discussion, we are probably not the church for you.


We hold our weekly Bible study at the local wine bar.


We welcome everyone to the Lord’s Table. You don’t have to be Presbyterian or even “right with the Lord.”  If we only invited official members of the PCUSA who felt right with God to the table, we would have a lot of leftover bread and wine. (We also serve juice).


We try to keep our building as busy as possible during the week, and we try to remember that being a church is not at all about having a building.


We look for ways go out and share our time and money with people outside our walls. While none of us have sold everything we have to give to the poor, we do what we can and try to do a little more every year.


We come to worship dressed in what makes us comfortable.  “Ties and tye-dyes” as one member once put it.


We get used to our community and forget that we are not normal.


We are not the church for everyone, but everyone is most welcome to join in the journey with our particular group of believers.


For anyone who has been hurt by the church, who thinks they don’t belong or who believes that all Christians are the same, we are here.




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