Stopping by the Cross on your Way to the Empty Tomb


It’s a busy world with busy people. Most of us feel pretty good about making it to church once a week, and now there are three (four if you go to both Easter) services on the calendar.

If you want to do Easter right, you gotta carve out the time to observe Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Resurrection doesn’t happen without betrayal and crucifixion.  There must be death before there can be new life. There is no Easter without Good Friday.

On Maundy Thursday, we will gather for a simple supper in the fellowship hall. We will share some of the same rituals Jesus and his disciples observed during the Passover meal in the upper room in which Jesus instituted the Last Supper. We will remember how Jesus was betrayed. We will break bread together.  This is a service that is very appropriate for children, and we encourage families to attend together. There is childcare available for our youngest members and anyone is welcome to take advantage of it.

On Good Friday, we will hold a tennebrae service or service of darkness. We will read through the last hours of Jesus’ life on earth and end our service in darkness and silence. It is a powerful service and may be disturbing for younger children. It’s actually disturbing for all of us, but you can be the judge of whether or not your child is ready for such a service.

It’s a busy world, and we are all busy people. But this is a week when we need to take the time to stop at the cross on our way to the empty tomb.

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