How Clean do We Want to Be

As read by Wiley Reid at this morning’s Palm Sunday service:


How  Clean do We Want to Be?


Momma says “wash your hands!”

“Are your hands clean?”

“Let me see those hands!”


Momma likes clean hands.


When our hands are dirty

Our food gets germy

Our furniture gets spotty

Our clothes get greasy


When our hands are dirty

Life gets messy


I make lots of messes


Jesus did, too.


He hung out with people who weren’t very clean

He stirred up trouble and seemed to like to cause a scene

He said crazy things like “the weak will be strong”

He stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong


But he got his hands dirty too many times

Broke too many rules to save too many lives

And the big guy Pilate wanted none of the mess

He washed his hands clean and left the mess to the rest


Of the people who liked for things to be tidy

No germs, no spots, nothing greasy or grimy

No trouble makers to challenge what they hold true

Jesus had to go

What else could they do?


We should listen to our moms

They know what we need

But I can’t help but wonder:

Just how clean do we want to be?


–by Rev. Anne Russ


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