Everything’s A Dollar

I ‘ve been trying to figure out how to turn my Lenten discipline in to a donation toward the Seventh Street Elementary summer scholarship program. I’ve been purging a plastic shopping bag a day full of stuff from my life.  To be honest, several bags have been trash or recycling–culled from cleaning out drawers, magazine bins, etc. Other bags have gone to Goodwill. But some of the bags have still not left my home. So on Sunday during potluck after worship, I’ll have table full of the things I have purged from my life and you can buy any  item for a dollar. Some items may not be worth a dollar. Some may be worth more. But everything is a dollar. All proceeds will go to the Seventh Street scholarship fund.

Anyone who wants to add to the table is welcome to.

So make plans to join us after worship for St. Patrick’s Day Potluck (see ideas on our Pinterest board) and bring your dollars.


photo-81 photo-79 photo-78


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