How Can First Pres Help You in Your Ministry?

The title of this post is not a mistake.  The question is not “how you can help First Pres in its ministry,” because First Pres is not an it. First Pres is a we, and we are here to help one another answer our call to mission and ministry.

For the past five weeks Natasha Deal has been coming up to the church on Friday nights to lock up after the Cooking Matters class that has been meeting in our kitchen.  Single moms (who are working and going to school) come with their children to learn about how prepare healthier meals.  Working to provide better options for undereducated, low-income neighbors  is a calling for Natasha, and (with session approval and encouragement) she leveraged our church facility to help further that ministry.

Cathy Frye has had kids in public schools five years. At the schools her children attend, parent volunteers are tripping over each other during book fairs, field trips and other special occasion days. That’s why she was shocked to learn that volunteers were the exception and not the rule at Seventh Street.  She learned this volunteering last week as part of our church’s commitment to Seventh Street during Lent. Now the church will continue to let Cathy know of other opportunities to volunteer.

Floyd and Karen Hicks have a passion for making sure First Presbyterian is a thriving faith community with a membership that is growing in spirit as well as in number. They have a bit of a vested interest in making sure First Pres is in it for the long haul so that their granddaughter, Ella, can grow up attending her neighborhood church.  So, in their retirement, they have been helping revamp and repair our church facilities and will be facilitating our new adult learning series next week.

How can we help you answer your call to ministry? Whether it is using space at the church, engaging in existing church ministries, making connections through church partners or even adding your ministry to the prayer list, First Pres is here to help you further your mission.


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