Spread a Little Extra Joy Today

A friend of mine died today. Not a close friend, but someone I admired. Someone who highly valued the importance of play and laughter. Someone who was the kind of preacher, teacher and minister I want to be when I grow up–even though I’ve got several years on her.

Since I only saw her once a year and did not go through the ins and outs of every day life with her, I’ve only ever seen her smiling. I suspect she spent most of life that way, although I’m sure there were moments of tears and anger and grief and despair.

She was instrumental in crafting the following vision statement for the Annual Recreation Workshop: To know God’s contagious joy and share it faithfully in the world.

So in honor of the memory of the life and ministry of Aimee Wallis Buchanan, I encourage everyone to go out and spread a little extra joy today. It will take a number of us to fill the void her absence on this earth will leave in business of joy-spreading and love-sharing.



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