Getting Crossfit–The Warmup

Just as we often need to get our physical health back on track after the holidays, the new year is also a good time to get make sure we are maintaining and strengthening our spiritual health. With that in mind, we began our four-week spiritual fitness plan on Sunday.  Even if you missed worship, you can still get in on the fun.

As a warm-up for this week, your assignment is to:

1. Locate your Bible and bring it to church with you next week

2. Memorize the scripture verse you were handed in church today. If you were not in church today, pick a verse that you like and commit it to memory. Just one verse–this is the warm-up.

3. Pray the GRITS prayer everyday.

Gratitude (I am thankful for…)

Repentance (I am sorry for…)

Intercession (Prayers for other people and places)

Time for me (Prayers for yourself)

Silence (a time of quiet)

4. Give some money away to a person or place you had not planned on.


Blessings on your

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