Day 21 of Advent

Thanks to Rev. Brad Watters for sharing today’s Advent thought

Maybe you need this today. “I Always Had to Carry the Myrrh”

Not for me the glitter of gold,
nor the gummy fragrance of frankincense.
Those great and glorious gifts
that spoke of royalty and worship, dignity and adoration,
were carried by others deemed more worthy of their glory.
I always had to carry the myrrh,
reluctant bearer of an unwelcomed gift.
I had heard the hymn often enough.
I knew what its bitter perfume meant.
“Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding dying,
sealed in the stone cold tomb.”
It was as if I pierced the joy of every Christmas pageant
with the desolation of Good Friday,
dragging my feet up the aisle,
sure no one wanted my gift to be given.

Decades have passed since I last crossed that stage.
The years have taught me the richness of that gift.
To enter the suffering knowing it will bend but not break you,
silence the body but not the soul,
is to rob it of its pain
and to release its power.
If I were to carry the myrrh once again,
I would not skulk my way to the Christ child.
No, I would carry it as the precious gift it is—
the bittersweet fragrance of life itself.

Cheryl Krisolaitis

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