Day 13 of Advent

Do have that one family in your neighborhood who has totally gone overboard with the lights and lawn ornaments? Maybe you ARE that neighbor. Or maybe you drive by that house shaking your head thinking that it’s tacky or wasteful or totally missing the point of the real meaning of Christmas.

As we approach Gaudete Sunday (the Sunday of Joy), may we remember that the tinsel and the glitter are not merely trappings of a secular holiday. They are outward expressions of the feeling of joy that comes with Christ. It’s why we hang the lights so high. Not to impress the neighbors, not to waste electricity, but to somehow express and share the joy of Christmas.

In a world where much of life is marked with sadness and violence and tragedy, the opportunity to celebrate and revel in joy should never be wasted or taken for granted.  So go ahead and enjoy the lights and the glitter and the glitz and laugh out loud at the house where one of the Wise Man was damaged last year and an inflatable Scooby Doo leftover from Halloween is in his place.

There is much joy to be had this season.

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