Props to Old South Church


Old South Church in Boston is selling part of its history.  The church is not in financial trouble. It does not need money to keep its doors open. But, it has decided that it would rather spend the 10 to 20 MILLION dollars the book will bring at auction to do ministry in the world, rather than keep the book. (The church actually has two copies of this song book that was the first book ever printed in the US on a printing press smuggled from England.)

As much as historians and book lovers may lament this sale, I am glad that Old South is making such a bold and visible move to demonstrate that churches are not in business of maintaing historic artifacts, but in the business of telling the Good News of the Gospel in word and in deed.   We are not preservation societies, but followers of Christ. May God use this church and this money to change the Greater Boston area for the better.

NPR Story on the Sale

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