Helping Others This Christmas

Thanks to all who have taken gift cards for kids at Vera Lloyd  Children’s Home and have adopted kids from Seventh Street.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a card or check out the Seventh Street kid list, here is what we still need:

Vera Lloyd

Sylvester–age 14. $25 level gift. Would like Nike/NBA socks in medium or Jordan shoes size 9

Lazerric–age 15 $50 level gift. Would like Levi 501 Jeans (30/32), Polo shirt (M), MP3 Player or watch

Kadarrion–age 14 $50 level gift. Would like 501 Levi’s Burgundy and Brown (38-40), new shoes (size 10 1/2)

Chris–age 15 $50 level gift. Would like a pair of Jordan’s (11 1/2), MP3 player or McDonald’s Gift card.

If you would like to adopt and take one of these gifts, please let Katie Reid know at katier0920@aol.com. She is coordinating this effort. Remember that all gifts need to be in gift bags and not wrapped. We need these gifts in by Wednesday, December 12

Seventh Street Kids

Family 1:

4th Grade boy

Shirt: 11 Pants: 11 Shoes: 5.5

Needs: Clothing and shoes

Wishes: The movie Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, remote helicopter, Nerf gun

Kindergarten Boy

Shirt: 6 Pants: 6 Shoes: 13c

Needs: Clothing and shoes

Wishes:  remote helicopter, nerf gun, anything

Family 2

3rd Grade Boy

Shirt: 7 Pants: 8 Shoes: 2

Needs: winter outfit

Wishes: board game, blocks, trucks

Kindergarten Boy

Shirt: 5 Pants: 6 Shoes: 12c

Needs: winter outfit

Wishes: blocks, board game, learning cards or books

If you can help with a family or a kid (a couple of you might want to team up), please let Anne know at revruss@gmail.com. These gifts need to be in by Sunday, December 18. 

Please remember that we are also decorating our sock and underwear tree with supplies to given to The Compassion House.

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