Why We Read the Bible

We are not a congregation of people who believe that the Bible dropped down from the sky in its complete form straight from the hand of God. We know about Biblical scholarship and that there are a number of authors represented in the 66 Books of the Bible. We know that sometime back in the 4th century a group of people got together and decided (prayerfully, but human-ly) what made the canonical cut. And then when the Reformation came around, some of “our” guys cut out what some of “their” guys had kept in back in the day.

We also believe that the Bible is the Word of God. A true story. The true story of God’s love and plan for God’s people.

So we read, and we wrestle. We attempt to discern through prayer and study what passages would have made a lot more sense to the people to whom they were directed at the time than they do to us today.  And we seek to recognize those many passages that are timeless truths. Those are the parts of the Bible that are truly miraculous. We marvel that something written two, three or even six thousand years ago can sound as if it were written just for us and where we are in 2012.  We are grateful that God is still speaking through this ancient text to us today.

We read to learn, and we read to remind ourselves what we already know, because we sometimes live as if we don’t know it all.  We read for comfort, and we read to be challenged. We believe that God is still speaking through this holy text, and so we read, hoping to be able to hear what is being said.

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