Welcoming the Stranger

Wanted to share a nice note we received from a recent visitor. 

Rev. Anne Russ:
      Thanks for the opportunity to worship with you this last Sunday
and the meal following.
It is always my desire to worship with God’s people on Sunday even
though I am out of town.   I make my travel arrangements accordingly.
      I found your people to be friendly and welcoming and I’ve
thought about your message several times this week.   My local church,
Faith Community Church of Independence, is of similar size as yours
and appears to have a very similar history with the 50’s thru 70’s as
celebration years.   Although we have a less formal worship format.
     After leaving your church, I took one last streetcar ride around
the cities and then took the schuttle to the airport for my flight
back to Mpls/St Paul.  (The streetcar driver had taken the entire
group on the ride Friday night, but everyone was so noisy and she did
not have much time to explain things.  We had a nice visit on Sunday
and I was the only rider for half of the trip.)
     God Bless You!
                               Marvin D. Johnson, Mayor, Independence, MN

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