A Great Prayer to Start the Day

If starting your day with prayer is something you mean to do, but often forget, here is a wonderful prayer from the Rev. Brad Watters. Tape it to your dashboard or your bathroom mirror or on the top of your laptop.  It will make a difference in your day.

Living God, we give you thanks for the gift of life. Help me to understand how my efforts and your efforts combine. I don’t get it, most days. Most days I only see what I have done for myself. In my loneliness, I cling to my natural pride in having come so far. How shall I penetrate the mystery of how you sustain my life? How shall I believe that you are the creating God who created and creates me? This morning, I choose to just say it is so. I simply put on the coat of faith and say, Lord, I believe – help my unbelief. For I would know you in my life and claim you for my own God, as Jesus claimed you for his own, as Jesus claimed us all. Amen.

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