For Kids this Sunday at First

A lot of great things starting up for kids at First Pres this Sunday.

On Sunday morning, our two-and-unders will be in the regular nursery with Bri Murray. Bri kept our youngest members this summer during our Wednesday women’s group, and we are thrilled to have her on Sunday mornings, now. Bri has grown up taking care of children–particularly those with special needs. Her family is one of those amazing ones who cares for foster kids who need extra care and support.

Our three-to-five year olds will be in our converted pastor’s office (right next to the nursery) with Katie Reid and Natasha Deal, who will play with them and share the story of the parting of the Red Sea. This group will have different volunteers (in teams of two) rotate each Sunday.

This may also be one of those Sundays where the Children’s Message eclipses the one meant for the adults, so make sure you and your kids don’t miss it!

Our elementary and middle school kids begin another year of Second Sunday Argenta Kids (SSArK) at 5 p.m. Send them with a sack supper. We’ll eat together, sing together and then break into different groups to have some fun and do some learning.

Hope everyone can join us!

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