A Back-to-School Affirmation of Faith

We believe in children whose excitement and energy and creativity inspire us all to be more childlike in our lives and in our faith.

We believe in teachers and in their call to nurture and educate our children

We believe in parents who wake up the kids, fix the lunches, volunteer at the schools and help with the homework.

We believe in friends and co-workers and neighbors who step in to help, encourage and triage when children are discouraged, parents are frustrated and teachers are weary.

We believe in the God who created us all.

We believe in the Christ who knows what it is to be us.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who inspires us and infuses us with the strength to get up and do it all again each day.

We believe in the joy that belongs to us all. Amen. 

–written by Rev. Anne Russ


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