Top 10 Reasons You Know You are a Member of First Presbyterian

All members have professed a belief in and a love for Christ. All have made a commitment to be engaged members, ready to share time and talents with this congregation and the community. But how do you know when you’ve really and truly become part of the church?

10.  You know to come in the back door during the week.

9.  You know that Ruth and Esther are not only Bible characters, but the names of the cats who live in the courtyard

8. You have cleaned out a closet/hallway/room at some point

7. You who Gerry Gault was and where Seventh Street Elementary School is.

6. You have tried to learn something about  at least one of the people whose name is on the many nameplates around the church.

5. You have had to chase down Sully Reid

4. You have helped Anne find her keys

3. You are surprised to hear that other places are still having discussions about the role of women or gay people in the church

2. You have had the chance to hang out with at least one of our members who are 90-years plus

1. You know the Welcome speech (or least part of it) by heart.


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