One Nation, Under God, With Healthcare for All

Whether or not you agree with the specifics of Affordable Care Act that has recently been upheld by the Supreme Court, it’s important for Christians to uphold the vision of the Act–to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all people, particularly the poor. I am not smart enough to determine whether or not the current legislation is the best way to go about making this vision a reality, but as Christians, we can’t ditch the vision, even if we don’t agree with the process.

There is no way around it. Again and again, Jesus calls us to be champions of the least of these–the poor, the hungry, the prisoner, the sick. So what is the Church doing for our brothers and sisters who lack access to basic healthcare while our government is trying to sort through the policy and politics of it all? Here is what some communities are doing:

Walking in Memphis

Holistic Christians

Holy and Healthy

While individual churches and denominations can be catalysts for healthcare reform, for us to truly solve the healthcare problem in our country, we have to get back to the idea that we are indeed “one nation, under God.” We are all God’s people. And all God’s people deserve the healing, dignity and hope that comes with having access to healthcare.

But instead of being one people, we have become a nation of individuals shouting “What about me?” and denouncing anyone who asks “What about all of us?” or “What about the least of these?” as anti-American socialists. (But it’s gay marriage, not selfishness or greed, that is undermining our country.)

The issue of healthcare has revealed a deeper problem in our society. The need to win has overcome the need to solve problems. The desire to be right has overcome the desire to be of service. Partisanship has become more important than people. Christians need to stop moving to the left or to the right and start coming together in a place where we can help the people who need us most.

–Rev. Anne Russ
(more about this topic in the upcoming issue of the North Little Rock Times and affiliated newspapers)

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