A Little More About Luke

As we continue our series “Have a Little Faith” and the parables of Luke, we should learn a little more about our author. It is widely accepted that Luke was a physician. More specifically, the “beloved physician” that the apostle Paul speaks of in his letter to the Colossians.

Luke talks more about food and hospitality than any other Gospel writer–perhaps that’s why I find his account so compelling. Scholar and author Robert Karas says that in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus is almost always going to a meal, coming from a meal or at a meal. Check it out. It’s true.

In addition to images of food and gathering around the table, Luke’s Gospel is marked by its emphases on healing, prayer and justice for the poor and marginalized.

We’ll look at two parables this Sunday that take in almost all of these themes–The Friend and Midnight and the Unjust Judge–and look at the importance of persistence when it comes to prayer. We’ll also be growing our “Mustard Tree” of faith.

So, take another look at Luke and make plans to join us this Sunday.

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