Bible Study Tonight

At our Wednesday night Bible study over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at what the Old Testament tells us about Jesus. Since I am out sick tonight, here are the scripture passages and some questions to consider for those who are gathering at Crush at 7:30 tonight.

Job 19:25 (how many of you have sung this line?)

Redemption of the Land Leviticus 25:25–30.

Redemption as rescue of a people Isaiah 43:14

Redemption as personal Job 19:25

Redemption as Ranson  Exodus 13:11-14

How do the people in the Old Testament use the word and idea of “redeemer?”

After reading the scriptures, what have you learned about the concept of a redeemer? What did it mean to the people of the time? What are the different ways they used the term?

Why do you think that the first Christians used that term to describe Jesus?

What does the title “redeemer” say to you about who Jesus is?  What kind of redeemer do you need most in your life right now?

Have a great study tonight. Look forward to being with everyone next week.



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