Praying with Word Clouds

What do you do when your prayer list gets out of control? Particularly, what do you do on a day when there are a number of people/events/activities that you would like to hold in prayer? How do you remember them all–or even remember to take the time in a busy day?

Consider making a word cloud. There are several sites on the internet that let you plug in words and create a word cloud that you can print an carry around with you.

Below is a generalized prayer list I made on wordle.net, but I have another that has the names of people who need healing and another one for people who are going through big transitions in their lives.

For the more visually oriented, a word cloud is better than a list.

Consider starting your day with a word cloud prayer. Print it out and put in in your front pocket or in your pen-and-paper organizer or even tape it to your dashboard.

There are several sites to choose from. Just google “word cloud” and check out the first three or four options that come up.

I stumbled on this idea recently on a day when the number of people and things I felt I needed to remember in prayer seemed overwhelming. My “prayer wordle” was exactly what I needed to stay focused and connected throughout the day. Hope this is a tool that others find useful as well.



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