Greater Things

We had a great gathering on Sunday reviewing and renewing our commitment to the ministry of First Presbyterian Church. While everyone had his or her own hopes and fears, the consensus of the group was that we are doing great things, but that there are even greater things ahead–particularly in regards to all that we can do to serve our immediate community.

At First Pres, we try to be good stewards of our resources all year long, but this is the time of year dubbed “stewardship season.”  November is the month in which we ask our friends and members to consider your financial contribution to the church in 2012 and make a commitment, or a pledge.  We will be sending pledge cards out in the mail and making them available in the sanctuary.  We will also be providing some resources to help you and your family discern what your financial commitment to the church will be in the coming year.

Take a moment to look at the great things that we are doing and all the great things that lie ahead for our church.

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