Vera Lloyd Requesting Help with School Supplies

The Vera Lloyd Home has asked for our help in making sure that all the kids there have adequate school supplies. If you can help with any items on this list, bring them to the church by August 14 when we bless the backpacks and we’ll get the supplies over to Vera Lloyd.

Supply List:

Wal-Mart gift cards for school clothes and shoes

Backpacks: any color…can be fabric….for girls or boys or general

Black Bic pens

Red Bic pens

#2 Pencils

Erasers (that fit on end of pencils)

Wide ruled notebook paper

Folders with brads and pockets

Composition notebooks…they usually have black and white covers and have a glued binding… for safety reasons they do not allow wire bound spiral notebooks at the campus school…you can find these beside the wire bound ones where school supplies are sold

3 ring binders- ½ inch and 1 inch


Glue sticks

Hand sanitizing wipes…no gel for safety reasons

Boxes of tissue

Colored pencils

Book covers

Electric or battery powered pencil sharpeners (we try to keep one in each classroom…and in the homes by their work stations)

Small pencil/supply boxes or zippered pouch type that fit in binders

Inexpensive “thumb drives”- for saving their work on computer

Dividers with tabs

Plastic File Boxes

Hanging Files (standard size to hold notebook paper)

Manila folders

AND, of course, the always needed Wal-Mart gift cards for school clothes, shoes

You are appreciated more than words can express! Katy Bates

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