Buy Nothing June

It’s almost time for Buy Nothing June once again. This is something our family did last year to look at how much we buy and accumulate things we don’t really need. Several people joined us in our endeavor and a few more are planning to come aboard this year.

Here are the rules: food, gas, necessary supplies for school/work and entertainment out and about are fine. There are also emergencies, but they have to be true emergencies. For example, if you’re car’s battery dies, you should buy a new one. But last year, my I-pod died on June 3 and I was tune-less for the rest of the month. You also wouldn’t allow your child to get sunburned because the sunscreen ran out, but this is a great time to use up all the travel shampoos you’ve accumulated when yours runs out.

There actually are no hard and fast “rules,” but I encourage you all to embark on some version of “Buy Nothing June.” It is a great time to examine what it is we really need to be safe and healthy and happy. Buy Nothing June helps us to discover that all of those things have very little to do with things. Hope you’ll join us!

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