May Session Highlights

Some highlights of our most recent session meeting.

Our current session:

Class of 2011–Pam Mathews, Linda Stanley, John Price

Class of 2012–Katie Kasten, Jackie Scott, Kelly Briant

Class of 2013–Mike Dougherty, Sally Whitmer, Jeannie Price

Session Highlights

David Murray was accepted into membership by transfer of letter from Grace Presbyterian Church.

 The long-time foundation problem in the corner office space at the end of the education wing (with its own entrance) has been repaired. The floor (which had developed a large crack down the middle) needs repair, but the space is available for rent.  If you, or someone you know is interested, please contact the church office at 501-374-7677.

Delita Martin, who has rented the large classroom in the education wing has purchased a new home that has a place for her studio, so her space will be vacated at the end of this month. We are exploring the cost of separating the room so that we can rent half the space and keep the other half for church programming.

The session approved a new policy that requires background checks for all paid employees, including pastor, secretary, nursery worker and any interns, as well as anyone who volunteers in a leadership capacity with youth or children.  Information will be sent to those affected this month. The cost of the background check will be paid by the church.

Our Camp-in-Van Bible School will be held July 10 to the 14th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The session approved a rummage sale for the weekend of August 20-21. Items will be collected from members, but also from around the church. Items for the church that are slated for sale will be placed in a spare room. Members are welcome to review items and let the session know if any have sentimental or historical value and should be retained by the church. If there are items that have personal meaning or value to members, they will have the option purchase these items on the evening of Friday, August 20 before the sale is open to the public on Saturday morning. Proceeds of the rummage sale will go toward helping our youth raise money to donate to Heifer Project International.

The date of the next meeting is Thursday, June 9 in the Fellowship Hall at 6:15.  The session is considering taking the months of July and August off, with the understanding that there may be a called meeting or two. A final decision will be made at the June meeting.

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