Amendment A Passes

Many of you may be seeing reports in the news that our denomination, the PCUSA, has passed Amendment A, which clears the way for ordination for gays and lesbians. I give thanks that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters will no longer be automatically excluded from ordination  because of their sexual orientation.  I know that our church would not be enjoying its current renewal without the gifts and the dedication of all of our members, both gay and straight. This conversation has been a non-issue at First Presbyterian in Argenta for some time now, and we can sometimes forget that other congregations still wrestle with the issue.  While I rejoice over this ruling,  I also pray for those who feel that our denomination has made a grave mistake.  May we all move forward together as people in Christ.

Please take a moment to watch this video from our stated clerk, Grady Parsons. He gives a clear and succinct overview of what the passage of Amendment A means for our denomination.

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