Session Training

We begin session training with our session elect tonight. Most of newly elected elders live closer to where I live than they do to the church, so we’re having it in my home.

In the Presbyterian Church, the session is the decision making body. The people who serve on the session are called elders and are ordained as such.  Elders are elected by the congregation and serve the congregation and the greater church. The pastor is the moderator of the session.

Our session regularly meets on the first Tuesday of every month (in December it will be the second Tuesday, December 14). It is at that time that we receive new members, consider new programs and initiatives and handle the business of the church. Unless a closed session is specifically called, our session meetings are open. While only session members can vote, any congregation member can ask to speak to a particular issue or item on the agenda.

As we begin training with a new class of elders tonight, keep these leaders in your prayers.

Here are our current and incoming session members:

Class of 2010–Jim Stanley, Sherrie Shepherd

Class of 2011–Linda Stanley, John Price, Pam Mathews

Class of 2012–Katie Kasten, Kelly Briant, Jackie Scott

Incoming class of 2013–Sally Whitmer, Mike Dougherty and Jeannie Price

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