Race for the Cure

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I was so blessed this morning to offer prayer at the 2010 Race for the Cure. Over 46,000 people gathered to celebrate hope and work for a cure.  What an amazing event. If I could get people that excited about Jesus, no telling what we might accomplish!

HEre is the prayer, followed by some pics.

Creator God,

We are so grateful to be here today. For the opportunity to gather as a community of hope.  May we draw strength for the journey from one another and from you, O God.

We come here to celebrate those who have survived. We come to honor those who continue the battle. And we come to honor and remember those who have lost their lives.  We are thankful for the lives and the witness of the women who have loved and inspired us. For those who show us what true courage is, for those who give us permission to cry, for those who never let us give up.

We thank you God, that we when things are beyond our control, we can put our faith and trust in you. But today, we can do more than pray. Today, we can do more than hope. Today we walk. Today we run. And as we go, may you lift us up on eagle’s wings. May we run and not grow weary. May we walk and not faint.

Give us the strength to continue the walk beyond today. To work toward the day that no child has to lose a mother, no husband has to lose a wife, no woman has to lose a sister or a partner or a friend.

In the name of the one who created and loves us all,  Amen

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