Worship looks new these days

sanctuary at Argenta

This is an invitation to all of you, any of you, everyone of you to join us for worship with our new worship schedule.   First Presbyterian Church will be open for worship on the Second Sunday of each month at 4pm.    We are hoping that this new schedule and new time will make it possible for all kinds of people to come together for worship!  The services will look different each week – with a different pastor and different music, but always grounded in the Word that stays the same but speaks into different situations with real power.

Maybe it’s a Sunday morning when you didn’t feel like getting up after a hard week, well come on over.   Maybe you’d like to visit and support the folks from First Argenta and can head over in the afternoon.  Maybe you just need to hear a good word of love and support, well come on over!

Please join us at our new worship time:  Second Sundays at 4pm!