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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church in downtown North Little Rock’s Argenta neighborhood

Welcome if you are worshiping with us for the first time
Welcome if you have been here many times
and Welcome if you have been worshiping here your entire life
Welcome to young and to old and to all races and ethnicities
Welcome singles and to couples and to families of all shapes and sizes
Welcome to believers and to doubters and a special welcome to doubting believers
Welcome if you are happy and welcome if you are weighed down with sadness
Welcome if your entire being is bursting with gratitude and welcome if it feels as though something is threatening to suck the life right out of you
Welcome if you’ve got it all together and welcome if you are in danger of falling apart at any moment.
Whoever you are and whatever has brought you here today, know that this is God’s house.
Come and worship just the way you are because everyone is welcome here.

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