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It may sound strange to say that a 115-year-old church is turning five, but it’s true. In October, Rev. Anne Russ will have been at the church for five years, and nearly 95 percent of our current members have arrived in that time.

To celebrate our re-birthday, we’re teaming up to get ready for the next five years. Everyone gets to pick their own ministry team to be a part of as we move forward. You can sign up (HERE!) for more than one team, but will need to pick one to meet with at our celebration. You can catch up with the others thru e-mail, other gatherings, etc.

There will be extended nursery time, an activity for our elementary kids and encouragement for our middle/high school youth to join a ministry team themselves.

Team leaders (already in place) will have snacks available. We will be good stewards of our party time and promise to have you out by noon.

Happy Birthday to us!


 Welcome to First Presbyterian Church in North Little Rock’s downtown Argenta neighborhood

Welcome to young and to old and to all races and ethnicities

Welcome to singles and to couples and to families of all shapes and sizes

Welcome to believers and and to doubters and a special welcome to doubting believers

Welcome if your heart is happy, and welcome if it is weighed down with sadness

Welcome if your entire being is bursting with gratitude, and welcome if it feels as though something is trying to suck the life right out of you

Welcome if you’ve got it all together, and welcome if you are in danger of falling apart at any moment

Whoever you are and whatever brought you here to day, know that this is God’s house

Come and worship just the way you are, because everyone is welcome here.
© 2009 Rev. Anne Russ

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  1. Barbara Raney #

    Are you having a candle lighting service on Christmas Eve? And if so, what time?

    December 22, 2013

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